About Carlo Cipriani

About Photographer Carlo Cipriani

As a young person with passion and a vision, I struggled to express my ideas, and it sent me searching.  I needed an outlet, and I found my medium in photography.

Starting out as a Photographer

Home was Arce in the center of Italy, but, curious about the world, and passionate about the arts, I was drawn to Rome.  I spent my college years learning photography techniques shooting paparazzi images and events in Rome’s beautiful churches.  I was busy, but always wanted more.  I was happier in a darkroom 10 hours a day than out in the Italian sun.  I wanted not to be comfortable, but to be challenged.  I aspired to the highest levels of shooting, and needed full immersion in a like minded culture. I knew that place was New York City.


The Next Chapter: New York City

I moved to the US, looking first to refine my black and white photography technique.  I had found few examples in Italy of exceptional B&W processing.  I found it in NYC’s fashion industry, studying the very best and adapting to the dynamic of city events.  I worked with some of the largest corporations and biggest stars, in some of the most famous venues in the world.  The thrill and diversity of events in NYC was everything I had dreamed of, and more.


Reflections on a Professional Photography Career

Finally feeling fulfilled, at the center of it all, I reflected on why I had moved so far from my little town.  I had not moved away to join the world’s biggest party.  I was still photographing the human soul, and celebrating human life, the same way I had done at home.


Travel, Growth, and Perspective

My travels had given me perspective.  I had seen thousands of new faces and places.  I had grown tremendously, as a photographer, and a human being, and let my camera lead the way.  Now when I return home, I bring with me a wealth of photographic experience, and life experience, which deepen my love of the world around me, and help me see the beauty in everything, wherever I am.